A hand of cards (Matej Jelínek IV.A)

30.04.2018 16:34



Úvod: Báseň je o živote, o tom, že každý z nás má v sebe skrytý talent, ktorý musí objaviť. Píšem po Anglicky, pretože ma ľahšie napadajú rýmy. Nápad prišiel prakticky sám od seba: zamýšľal som sa nad rôznymi vecami a tak som ich dal na papier. Dúfam, že sa vám to bude páčiť.


A hand of cards


They say it's not your fault.

It was given to you when you were born.

The things you learn by default.

Stay with you like the shoes you've worn.


Talent is a tricky word.

It's given to you and it's blurred.

You have to discover it as it's meant.

Like the cards you've been dealt.


Then you say: "But I have none."

"What good have I ever done?"


Search for it deep within your soul

It has been there as a whole

...and then it shattered...


Some parts that mattered,

                                                                    some that didn't

                                                                                                                                            It was all that you've been given.


Life is like a hand of cards,

Everyone has different parts.

All that matters in the end,

Is how well these cards you've spent.


Some may grow up just to wither

As a fruit, that's just gone bitter


But it doesn't have to turn to dust

                                       It's the difference between

                                                                                              every one of us.


No one lives without a purpose....

Some may see it on the surface,

others live all stressed and nervous, asking:


"Why do others have so much talent and I have nothing?

What am I supposed to do?"


Life's not always fair. It plays by its own rules.

Sometimes it even sets up a ruse.

But you have to find your use,

and believe me, there's no muse

to guide you to success.

You must work hard to gain access.


But when you put all your effort into a single thing.

You'll find that it gives you some meaning.

The results may not look the best,

but you'll find that you've progressed.


Even if by a single step...